18| Group 1|
The Music Inside
Charles 'Charlie' Grant

With a final breath, Charlie unlocked Mary’s door room with his key and walked in quietly. Once he knew he was completely alone in there, he took off his jacket and settled himself on the couch she had. His eyes went down to the object he was holding in his hand and another sigh left his lips. Earlier that day, he had walked to the nearest store and looked for handcuffs, he had hoped he would find them there and that he wouldn’t have to go investigating where he would find them. What an odd conversation that would have been, trying to explain why he needed handcuffs. He shuddered to himself thinking about it while twirling the metal cuffs around in his hand. “What exactly am I supposed to do with these?” he asked himself out loud while inspecting them. The previous day when they were teasing each other, Charles never stopped to think that he had no experience with this and he had no idea what the handcuffs were for. Was he supposed to cuff himself to her? He set his anxiety aside, deciding to deal with it when the moment arrived, and waited for Mary to return from where she had gone.

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